September 4, 2018, marked one year since we released Craker, the very sick turtle, after her rehabilitation with an exceptional care team.

You can read Craker’s story here: It started with a small, sick turtle…

Photo: Viviana Ricardez Perkins


And September 16, 2018, was the first anniversary of our first meeting. You can read about that here: September 16, 2017: First Meeting

Thanks to three curious girls and several amazing mentors, we’ve done a lot twelve short months!

Here are some pictures from the last year that didn’t really fit in any other post.


In case you’re wondering, the club members check this blog for accuracy and they approve of all photos posted.


One SLAC-ker shows proficiency in copy editing.  She’ll copy the offending bit and text the mistake to the writer of this blog.





Then, there was the one time the SLAC-ker wanted to have a philosophical discussion at 12:34 am (weekend) about whether the writer of this blog should anthropomorphize a tiny snapping turtle. If you’re interested, you can read about Lil Snappy here: Weekend of March 30, 2018: A Baby Snapper






We’re looking forward to this upcoming year because we love doing stuff together, but also because we get to welcome two new permanent members (we’re so excited to welcome our first boy!).





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