August 9, 2018: Glass Class

The SLAC-kers love the stunning fused glass turtle Vicki Brown made for the club, and they jumped at the invitation to make their own glass pieces in Vicki’s home studio.


But first, they visited Farmer Brown’s garden (that’s Vicki’s husband, Steve).IMG_20180809_102418912
They pulled carrots right out of the ground…

…and pretended they were pens (not pictured: attempting to use the carrot as a weapon).IMG_20180809_102834238

Farmer Brown gave the girls lessons in all sorts of vegetables. IMG_20180809_102801935IMG_20180809_102804732

Then Vicki started her lesson on working with glass. IMG_20180809_104600551

They were allowed to use all the tools after a saftey lesson. IMG_20180809_110400677


Here are some action shots of the girls making their pieces (they chose to make coasters). IMG_20180809_112753123IMG_20180809_114134236

If you look closely, there’s a turtle in the middle of this piece. Gotta represent.IMG_20180809_114359781

Even the adults got in on the lesson!IMG_20180809_112714930

Vicki explained how the kiln works. It’s a tricky process with many steps—thankfully, they’re all automated. The temp inside this piece of equipment can get up to 1,500 °F. IMG_20180809_121242047

Here’s how they looked before being “cooked”… IMG_20180809_115534808

…and after.


Photo: Vicki Brown


Thank you, Vicki, for teaching the girls something new (and for donating all the materials). We had a blast and learned so much!IMG_20180809_120039334


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