July 10, 2018: Tea Party!

Now for something totally different—a fancy tea party! Gabi and the other SLAC-kers have worked to make this happen since we first formed the club. It was a smaller get-together than we originally envisioned, but after it was finished, we realized it was the perfect size for our first attempt.

Gabi had a little help from the other girls, but she did most of the work herself.

Ki made the sign (Gabi gave it some flair by adding the clink).


Shopping for important stuff like sugar cubes. Would you like one lump or two?


She designed and assembled the flower arrangements.


And made the tiny finger sandwiches (crustless and cut into small squares by the time she was finished with them). The menu included hot tea with the option of cream and sugar, crumpets with a variety of jams and jellies, finger sandwiches, shortbread, and eclairs. Yes, it was fantastic.


Here’s a look at her table design from this angle.


And a look from a different angle.


She carried her tea set (and a few pieces of borrowed china) from Danae’s home because this house doesn’t have anything nearly so fancy.


The SLAC-kers are ready for their guests!

Photo: Danae Reynolds

The rest of the afternoon was spent eating, sipping, and chatting. It was perfect. Good work, Gabi!



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